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The Best Fitbit Charge 6 Bands in 2024

The Charge 6 is the quintessential Fitbit. It has a basic and familiar design, and although it lacks features native to advanced smartwatches, it excels at accurately tracking daily activity. But one of its more unsung qualities is its compatibility with swappable bands. From leather and rubber to metal links and nylon, there are several options for the Charge 6.

Some of our favorites include the Fitbit Sport Band. This is the classic band option for the Charge 6, featuring a lightweight, breathable design and six color options. For a fashionable pick, we recommend the Fitbit Vegan Leather Band. It may not be genuine leather but it still achieves a stylish look that perfectly complements the Charge 6.

Below are 12 of the best Fitbit Charge 6 bands, perfect for all kinds of users. It’s important to double-check the sizing of the band you want and your wearable before purchasing. While several of the picks below also work with the Charge 5, and vice versa, they’re not fully interchangeable with other best Fitbit models.

Best Fitbit Charge 6 Bands

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  • The Fitbit Charge 6 Sport Band is the classic Charge 6 option for a reason: it’s comfortable, breathable, and perfect for a variety of activities. Everyone should have one.

  • The Charge 6 isn’t strictly for working out, and this Vegan Leather Band from Fitbit can help class it up a bit. It comes in two color options that complement the wearable’s case color.

  • The Mesh Bracelet from StrapsCo is the best way to up the style factor for your Charge 6. It has an easy-to-use clasp system and comes in six different color options.

  • This easy-on, easy-off Hook & Loop Band from Fitbit comes in two colors, blue or black, and is made of a comfortable cloth that doesn’t chafe while working out.

  • The Magnetic Band from Pinnacle comes in eight different color options and uses a simple magnetic closure system that stays snug and secure, even during an activity.

  • The Classic Bracelet for the Charge 6 from StrapsCo has a traditional metal link design, is available in eight different colorways, and is made of durable stainless steel.

  • Fitbit’s Woven Band for the Charge 6 is made of recycled plastic yarn and has a lightweight and comfortable design that’s perfect for wearing to the office or working out with.

  • This band from Surundo comes in packs of up to 8, is available in several color options, and its slim style gives the sporty Charged 6 a chic overall look.

  • Maledan’s Breathable Sport Band is a quality alternative to Fitbit’s official sport band. It has a familiar breathable design and comes packaged with three colors in every pack.

  • Wearlizer’s Bling Bracelet is the best jewelry-adjacent option and it also comes with a few removable links to adjust the sizing, as well as three color options to pick from.

  • The Sport Silicone Strap from Axios Bands is the best alternative to Fitbit’s classic Sport Band. It’s adjustable, available in several colors, and is both lightweight and breathable.

  • If vegan leather isn’t your thing and you prefer real, authentic leather, then the Horween Leather Band from Fitbit is what you seek. It comes in two colors and is quite stylish.


What Fitbit Charge 6 band is the best?

This depends on how you typically use your Charge 6. Those who work out often may opt for a woven nylon or sport strap while less active users may want a leather or stainless steel band. Consider your standard use case before buying.

Are Charge 6 bands intended only for working out?

No, plenty of Charge 6 bands are not strictly for working out. For example, the leather and metal options above would not be ideal workout straps. The Charge 6 may be one of Fitbit’s more sporty wearables but there are straps compatible with the wearable that aren’t meant for the gym.  

Is it worth it to purchase third-party bands?

It can be, yes. However, ensure the third party you’re purchasing from is trusted and well-reviewed. Buying a band from Fitbit comes with a solid warranty but the same can’t be said of all third-party retailers. Be sure to look into the return or replacement policy before purchasing.

Are these bands compatible with any Fitbit device?

No. Some of the bands above work with the Fitbit Charge 5 but sizing differences between all of Fitbit’s watches mean that these straps aren’t one-size-fits-all. Always double-check the size of the band and your wearable before buying a certain strap.

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